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More Details 

A Better Experience for Restaurant & Retail Analytics: The team at InterWorks has over two 

decades of experience working directly with Restaurant and Retail businesses.

User Experience 

InterWorks is an expert in the modern analytics “stack” and understands how to leverage the best-of-breed technologies while maximizing engagement with enablement, design and the best user experience. We put focus on visual analytics improvement, extending the access to data, and UI/UX designthinking approaches.

Superior Analytics Hub

With a mindset of “accelerating from good to great,” Portals by InterWorks represents a unified experience for users at all levels of a restaurant/retail organization. It represents the required governance needed by administrators to effectively maintain a superior data experience for those seeking insights for decision-making.

Proof of Concept 

The InterBurger Portal POC represents a fictional restaurant chain with fictional data. Leveraging the aforementioned best-of-breed technologies (Tableau, Snowflake and our own Portal), InterBurger demonstrates commonly needed analytic views on sales, transactions, location data and insights into drive-thru and mobile ordering.

Powered by People 

InterWorks is a people-focused tech consultancy delivering premier service and expertise in collaboration with strategic partners. We empower people at every step of the analytics experience, from management and storage to communicating insights with visualization. Learn more at www.interworks.com